Carr van anda solving my journalism sequence problem

Declaring a major for many students may seem like a big step in their college careers. However for me, and I am sure many other journalism students, declaring a sequence is something that keeps me up at night. Right now the  Scripps’ curriculum features six sequences: advertizing, broadcast news, public relations, magazine journalism, news writing/editing … Continue reading

Journalism Classes!

This quarter I’ve been lucky enough to get into TWO journalism core requirements- basically, classes that any student in Scripps will have to take, regardless of sequence. Right now I’m currently taking information gathering and news writing. There are a lot of sophomores in both of my classes because most people wait a little bit … Continue reading

“One of the best in the nation” Scripps is no high school

You’ve heard that the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism is one of the best journalism schools in the nation ( has more information) so what does this really mean? Other than building our egos, it means that Scripps has a rigorous course load. In high school, I was able to do the minimum amount of work … Continue reading

Winter quarter and classes

Ah, winter quarter at Ohio University. Only a few things come to my mind: snow, temperatures in the single digits, and boredom. Now, I’m not saying that there isn’t anything to do during Winter Quarter because there are plenty of things to do. However, winter quarter seems to be the time when you’re more likely … Continue reading