Journalism Classes!

This quarter I’ve been lucky enough to get into TWO journalism core requirements- basically, classes that any student in Scripps will have to take, regardless of sequence. Right now I’m currently taking information gathering and news writing. There are a lot of sophomores in both of my classes because most people wait a little bit … Continue reading

The Culture of a College Town

A few days into my freshman year I saw someone walking around campus with a shirt on that said “There is Life After Athens.” It did not take long for me to realize how much pride is in the town that holds our beloved Ohio University, and how the pride is held by the students … Continue reading

My Editing Experience

Similar to some of my fellow bloggers, I came to college with very little expeirence in the field of journalism. The was particularly the case with media and editing media. I knew that some bloggers such as Andrea had experience in high school (she wrote about it here and I too had taken a brief … Continue reading

Starting from Scratch

Winter quarter is in full swing and boy have I been busy! Taking 19 credit hours has definitely started to catch up to me. It’s really nice though, because I’ve been able to get ahead with all of my required journalism courses and get them completed early on in my college career. And as far … Continue reading

Starting Scripps with Experience

When I applied to the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism, I photocopied all 18 of my “clips” from high school and sent them in along with my application and admissions essay. In the essay, I had written about the experience that gave me the chance to accumulate these clips: writing under the official title of … Continue reading

Say Goodbye to Stress and Get Organized

It was a little over a year ago that I was sitting in front of my computer anxiously filling out my housing application for my freshman year. Do you plan on having any overnight guests? How late do you stay up? These were just some of the few no-nonsense questions I came across in which … Continue reading

Schoonover center unites all five schools in the Scripps college under one roof.

In May of 2008 Ohio University President McDavis announced a $7.5 million donation from Scripps College alumnus, Steven Schoonover and his wife Barbara to go towards the building of the Schoonover Center for Communication. Scheduled to open in the spring semester of the 2012-1013 school year, the Schoonover Center will be home to the almost … Continue reading

“One of the best in the nation” Scripps is no high school

You’ve heard that the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism is one of the best journalism schools in the nation ( has more information) so what does this really mean? Other than building our egos, it means that Scripps has a rigorous course load. In high school, I was able to do the minimum amount of work … Continue reading

The Internship Search

Picture this: it’s the middle of your second quarter of college and, so far, you’ve done everything you can to get involved in school organizations. You ask yourself; what’s next? It’s time to get involved in something outside of school. I’m talking about internships, the goal of countless college students. My search has turned out to … Continue reading

Flourishing in the OU Learning Communities!

Ringing in the New Year also means welcoming a brand new academic quarter for Ohio University students, since the residence halls across campus reopened their doors at noon on New Year’s Day and classes began the following Monday. Freshmen who participated in the Communication Residential Learning Community in James Hall returned to the same dorm … Continue reading

A Blog a day keeps writers block away

Ohio University upperclassmen and second quarter freshmen know the agony involved with scheduling classes. When It came time to register for winter quarter classes, I found out that I was going to schedule on the last day. This was because seniors are able to choose classes first, and freshmen (minus a few exceptions) are to … Continue reading

Can You Retweet That?

Winter quarter has come so much sooner than I thought it would- college is just flying by! Lately, I’ve learned so much about how the face of the media is changing recently. More journalism is now conducted online than ever before. As a result, it’s extremely important now for us to utilize social media, such … Continue reading