Let Your Compass Guide You

Spring Quarter is definitely one of the best quarters in Athens with the beautiful weather, the spectacular scenery and all of the exciting events that happen outdoors, such as the film festival and various music festivals in the area. Because of this, I decided to take less credit hours than last quarter- 16 as opposed … Continue reading

New York, New York

Over spring break, I had an amazing, unique opportunity…. I got to go to New York City! I went with Ed2010, the magazine club here on campus. We had been planning the trip almost all year and didn’t even think it would be a reality. Soon enough, 10 people decided to go and we had … Continue reading

Journalism Classes!

This quarter I’ve been lucky enough to get into TWO journalism core requirements- basically, classes that any student in Scripps will have to take, regardless of sequence. Right now I’m currently taking information gathering and news writing. There are a lot of sophomores in both of my classes because most people wait a little bit … Continue reading

Starting from Scratch

Winter quarter is in full swing and boy have I been busy! Taking 19 credit hours has definitely started to catch up to me. It’s really nice though, because I’ve been able to get ahead with all of my required journalism courses and get them completed early on in my college career. And as far … Continue reading

Can You Retweet That?

Winter quarter has come so much sooner than I thought it would- college is just flying by! Lately, I’ve learned so much about how the face of the media is changing recently. More journalism is now conducted online than ever before. As a result, it’s extremely important now for us to utilize social media, such … Continue reading

Brooke’s JFreshmen Final!

Here it is: a combination of about 3 weeks of very hard, stressful work and many long (and sometimes frustrating) hours of editing, interviews and writing scripts. In the end, it was really worth it. Having a tangible product as a result of so much work is really satisfying, and already, I’m able to start … Continue reading

The JFreshmen Experience

My first quarter of being a freshman at the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism is almost over, and it’s been a total whirlwind so far! There are SO many ways to get involved when it comes to journalism, I can’t narrow down all the choices! It’s really easy to jump off and get your feet … Continue reading

Meet Brooke!

Brooke Bunce: Hey there! I’m Brooke Bunce, I’m from Lebanon, Ohio; a city outside of Cincinnati. I am a journalism major in the magazine sequence. I love anything involving fashion, fall or good music. I was drawn to Athens by both the excellent education I knew I would receive and by the unmistakable charm of … Continue reading