If It’s Free, It’s for Me: Campus Entertainment for the College Wallet

If you’re like me and had a job in high school, you have experienced the bliss of having a decent amount of spending money. This bliss is in liquid form, and college is the straw. Before you know it, you’ll be doing cartwheels when you find a quarter and whiting out used paper so you use it again. Sounds fun right? Don’t worry, were all doing it.

From: collegefinancialnetwork.com:

From: collegefinancialnetwork.com

As a result, there is one thing every college student likes: free stuff. So come to college and be prepared to adopt the motto “If it’s not free, it’s not for me.”

So here I go, making a list of various fun things to do on campus and the surrounding Athens community that are free. Enjoy!

1. The Kennedy Museum of Art and the Trisolini Art Gallery

The Kennedy Museum of Art is located at the oh-so spooky Lin Hall up at the Ridges. In case you have not heard  the scary stories, the Ridges is the site of the former mental institution that is now property owned by the university. The Museum features a wide array of exhibits with works from artists all over the world that are free to students, with anything from supernatural photo series to a historical exhibit that depicts life at the old mental institute. The Trisolini Gallery is in Baker Center and is a part of the Ohio School of Art.



2. Festivals

– Athens International Street Fair: Making its appearance in the spring, this celebration of International Week and brings together food, crafts and other fun attractions all on Court Street.

-Halloween: There is no need for many more words but Halloween in Athens is known to people from near and far, and is been dubbed one of the best places to spend Halloween. Provided you have a costume (there is no need to spend money) you can enjoy the music, crowds and spookiness of the Court Street block party held every Halloween weekend.


3. Arts for Ohio Events and other Fine Art Events

From Athens News: The Ohio School of Theater performed The Misanthrope by Moliere this year and is free for students.

OK, there is several fine art events going on on campus almost every day, so listing them would just take forever. Fine arts events that are sponsored by the School of Fine Arts are always free, and there’s something for everyone. Here’s a few things you might enjoy:

-Improv shows: Not only is this group funny, they’re all students!

-Plays: The school puts on a whole variety!

-Dance and singing concerts: The Singing Men of Ohio put on free concerts, which I always found extremely fun to watch after watching their a capella group “Section 8” do a rendition of “Teenage Dream” by Katy Perry. Seniors graduating from the School of Dance also put on shows as well as hip-hop groups on campus.


4.  Craft Nights

Admit it, you enjoy homemade jewelry boxes and decorating your own picture frame, even if the end product looks like a reflection of a pre-school education. My RA introduced us to craft nights that are held usually every other Thursday in Baker Center, and they are fun as well as stress-relieving.

From ohio.edu: The annual homecoming parade turns out all kinds of clubs and student organizations, alumni, fans and of course, the Marching 110.

5. Special Weeks/Weekends

OU has plenty of weeks dedicated to holidays and special events. With anything from Take Back the Night Week to Homecoming Week, there are plenty of times to celebrate all through the week.

6. Sporting Events

from ohiobobcats.com: The lively and spirited OZONE student fan group makes OHIO sporting events even more fun and exciting.

Whether it’s football, volleyball, soccer or baseball, all varsity home sporting events are FREE FOR STUDENTS! I was never a big sports fan going into college, but I loved attending volleyball and football games. It’s exciting, and if you go to the tailgate parties there’s free food and giveaways.


8. UPC Events

University Program Council is a student organization that plans and co-sponsors campus events. There’s something for every time of the year, from “Strawberry Day” that features tons of strawberry treats to “A Bite of Nite” that features food vendors from favorite last night food joints in Athens.



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