Let Your Compass Guide You

Spring Quarter is definitely one of the best quarters in Athens with the beautiful weather, the spectacular scenery and all of the exciting events that happen outdoors, such as the film festival and various music festivals in the area. Because of this, I decided to take less credit hours than last quarter- 16 as opposed to 19- and apply for an internship through Ohio University!

The internship I landed is with University Communications and Marketing, or UCM for short. They are the masterminds behind Compass, a publication all about Ohio University and the great things going on here. Every week, Compass sends an email to students and parents featuring new and stories and multimedia content. My position at Compass is technically called General Assignment Reporter, meaning that I cover a wide range of topics on campus, depending on what I am assigned to write. Usually what will happen is that my managing editor, George Mauzy, will give me a story idea, such as an upcoming event or something that recently happened. Then, I’ll conduct interviews and write out a news story, which is then sent back to George to be edited and published on the site!

What’s so great about my internship is that it’s through the school, which looks awesome on my resume. I’m able to write stories on a regular basis and I get experience in public relations as well. Plus, all I have to do to get to the Compass offices is walk about 10 minutes across campus, so it’s super convenient and easy to fit in between my classes. They give the interns tons of freedom to learn as well. I’ve already gotten to write about the Child Development Center , a town hall meeting and I’m currently working on a story about the Goldwater Scholarship winners!

I actually found out about the opportunity from my friend Caleigh, who is a broadcast journalism major and works with Compass on their multimedia content, such as Word On The Street videos. There are tons of opportunities at Compass for all sorts of majors and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone in the Scripps, whether you’re into writing, public relations, broadcast, social media, filming or even multimedia editing.

My advice: start your internship search as early as possible! There are great opportunities right at Ohio University if you know where to look. Don’t be intimidated to go out and apply for things that seem out of reach, even if you’re a freshman. Jumping in and getting your feet wet early will be one of the best things you can do for your future and will help you get the most out of your college experience.


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