Thoughts about the Future and a Political Communications Certificate

Finishing off my first year at Ohio University, I have had quite a bit of time (although it doesn’t always seem that way) to think about all of the opportunities and options I have ahead. I may be just in my first year, but I have already started to think about the more distant future.

It took a long bus trip and a friendly yet chatty girl for me to come to the decision I just recently made. Now that I think about it, it sounds a bit cliché, but picture someone staring longingly out of a window looking for some inspiration and guidance.

from GoogleImages

Cliché as it sounds, staring out a window listening to those around you can be the start of an ambition (from googleimages).

Sitting on a Greyhound bus riding through the monotonous scenery known as the distance between Athens and Cincinnati, I quietly scolded my iPod for dying only twenty minutes into the trip and had no choice but to listen to the girl behind me discuss her ambitions to the willing listener to her left.

From what I heard the girl was an upperclassman Scripps Journalism student about to embark on the rigorous adventure known as the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). Just hearing that I knew we had quite a bit in common.

I have always been interested in the law aspects of Journalism. I want to say I could attribute that to the first Journalism class I took in high school, but If you want me to be honest, I will have to say it comes from being obsessed and fascinated with Law and Order and watching the attorneys, press and detectives intertwine their work in a sometimes thrilling and intense chaos.


I am a die-hard Law and Order: Special Victims Unit fan. Even though the show deals with crime, it helped spark my interest in law and media (from

Oh, and don’t worry about my ability to separate reality from television, I know it is not as glamorous, but the heart-pumping excitement of law shows really is inspiring.

After listening to a presentation about an Ohio University certificate program, I immediately went online to research other programs and then called the necessary person to set up an appointment. After discussing the logistics with a communications professor, I am one sheet of paperwork away from registering to work on a political communication certificate alongside my journalism major.

Certificate programs are sort of like minors in the college academic world. They provide you with a supplementary area of specialization that helps broaden your educational experience. On the track of political communication I will take classes that focus on political figures and interests and how their efforts are associated with the press.


Press plays a huge rule in the legal processes of our country. It heavily influences public opinion and in some cases is used to find new leads (from

 Not only did my mother’s voice seem to light up when I told her about my “in the moment” decision (She’s just like any other mother, she wants to see her child move mountains), but I am also extremely excited about the opportunity. I hope I can take my Journalism degree, along with this certificate, and pursue graduate studies that focus on the law and political side of the journalism world.


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