New York, New York

Over spring break, I had an amazing, unique opportunity…. I got to go to New York City! I went with Ed2010, the magazine club here on campus. We had been planning the trip almost all year and didn’t even think it would be a reality. Soon enough, 10 people decided to go and we had our plans in place. New York or bust… and in total the trip only cost about $150!

A corner of downtown NYC- and my current background on my laptop!

The purpose of the trip was was to visit NYC of course, but also to take tours of different major magazine offices located in the city. The tours were organized by the national chapter of Ed2010, whose members are made up of people actually working in the magazine industry in New York. The president of the national chapter, Chandra Turner, is the editor-in-chief of Parents magazine, which is where we took our first tour. Several of the employees, talked to us about what to expect with a job in the magazine industry. It was really nice to hear first-hand what to do to prepare for the field and what kind of skills we need to have.

Parents put a lot of emphasis on the growing popularity of magazines on the tablet (devices like the iPad), something I had never even thought about before. They were very willing to answer our questions and give us tips on how to land an internship at a major national magazine.

This was in the NBC Experience Store, a place we got to visit in our free time.

After Parents, our group headed to Glamour, where unfortunately we did not get to tour the offices because the staff was so busy finishing that month’s issue. We still got to chat with a senior editor, Wendy Naugle, and three editorial assistants. All four women offered some EXTREMELY good advice and guidance about the magazine industry. They also told us what they look for in resumes and cover letters, which I definitely loved because eventually I’ll be applying for an internship at that very magazine!

Sarah, Kate and me in front of Condé Nast, a major publishing company.

We headed over to Redbook after Glamour, where again we were given some spectacular advice and tips about the magazine. And fortunately, we got a tour of those offices as well. It was crazy being in the space where they produce the magazines I’ve seen for so long in so many places! Every person we met was so friendly and down-to-earth. Our last stop was at Details, an urban men’s magazine. The men that talked to us there were again SO friendly (I can’t say it enough!) and it was interesting to see how a magazine directed toward men was different than one directed toward women.

We also had time to wander the city in our free time, so of course I did tons of shopping and sight-seeing! I loved NYC and cannot wait to go back there next year (and hopefully live there someday!). If it weren’t for this opportunity presented by Ed2010, I wouldn’t have ever had the chance to see so many magazines up close and I would have missed out on some really invaluable advice about careers and internships. Ed2010 even organized a social while we were in the city, allowing us to talk one-on-one with professionals in the industry, which is crucial when it comes to networking! You’ll hear me (and everyone else) say it over and over again but… networking is key! So having the chance to meet with professionals was extremely beneficial. When it comes time to actually start job-hunting (eek!) I’ll know exactly who to call for a potential career opportunity.


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