Goodbye Scripps, You will be missed.

During high school, I had many ideas of what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I decided I would let which ever college I went to decide my career path for me. I considered majoring in psychology at Pennsylvania State University, education at John Carroll University (because my mother had gotten her masters in school counseling there), and here at Ohio University I saw no other option than the best: E.W. Scripps School of Journalism. In the end, I only applied to Ohio University.

When I was accepted at Ohio University, and into the school of journalism, I knew that I had earned it and it was an amazing opportunity. I made my decision and officially committed to the program. I was lucky enough to be accepted into the program early in the year, around Thanksgiving, because I had applied early. I had visited during Ohio University’s Homecoming Weekend and fallen in love with the idyllic college campus.

At first, journalism was everything I wanted and expected. As the weeks went on, I realized how competitive the program was becoming for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love journalism, but I’m not a very competitive person. I liked doing WOUB and, of course, writing this blog. These things are what I love doing in journalism, and made my decision to leave the journalism field, and this blog, so difficult. 

When I went back home over our six week winter break, I thought a lot about my future in journalism. Most journalists know that they have an uncertain road ahead of them. The uncertainty I am speaking of, is that of finding a job in a field they enjoy, or getting paid what they should for their submissions. They also accept that for the most part because it is something they love. I, however, was not sure that I had the passion to endure the struggles journalists face.

I have always had the passion for working with young children. Since I started college, I missed the children I worked with at Beechmont Country Club Day Camp. Also, my roommate is a special education major and I often helped her with her homework and found myself enjoying it. After I started realized my passion for children; I talked with my family, friends and many elementary teachers.

I thought about specializing in education, while still studying journalism, but my advisor informed me that it may be too difficult to do. I eventually went to an education advisor and realized I wasn’t too far behind the other Early Childhood Education Pre-Majors. I decided as much as I loved journalism, education just felt like a much better fit for me.

Which apparently isn’t unusual at Ohio University. According to the website approximately two out of three students change their majors at least once within their academic career.

Starting this spring I am officially an Early Childhood Education Pre-Major in the Patton College of Education and Human Services.

The process was actually quite easy, I e-mailed my roommate’s advisor within the Patton College of Education and Human Services and set up a time to meet with her. When I got to her office she already had my Early Childhood Education Pre-Major DARS set up with which classes I would need to take in the next two quarters. I filled out a sheet to officially switch majors, and once the quarter was over the sheet was processed and now I am an official student within the Patton College. If you’re interested in learning more about changing majors or declaring them, check out this handy PDF.

Patton College of Education and Health Services Tree

Patton College of Education and Health Services Tree. Photo Credit: Patton College of Education and Health Services

I am going to miss my friends and duties that I had in E. W. Scripps School of Journalism. Just a quarter into my new major, I’ve realized how much I learned while in the journalism school and how much it has helped me. For example, I was required to film a short video for one of my education classes and all the knowledge from editing the video for this blog truly set mine apart. I will miss writing to you all, and wish you the best of luck with your future endeavors. Also know, even though it wasn’t right for me, The E.W. Scripps School of Journalism is still the best journalism program I’ve ever seen and I highly recommend it!


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