Carr van anda solving my journalism sequence problem

Declaring a major for many students may seem like a big step in their college careers. However for me, and I am sure many other journalism students, declaring a sequence is something that keeps me up at night.

Right now the  Scripps’ curriculum features six sequences: advertizing, broadcast news, public relations, magazine journalism, news writing/editing and online journalism. In my previous article about the Schoonover Center, I discussed the change from sequences to tracks. The two tracks will be comprised of the six sequences: “strategic communications” featuring public relations and advertising, whereas the “news and information” track will encompass the remaining sequences.

When I first learned about the six sequences I was worried that I would pick the wrong one and be tied down to that. My fear was only amplified when the tracks were created because I am very interested in public relations but also magazine journalism- both in two separate tracks.

Fortunately, I solicited several upperclassmen about my dilemma and was enlightened about the beauty of Carr Van Anda.

Carr Van Anda is a great way to combine your personal interests for your major that may not be specifically written or stated in tracks. Victoria Calderon, a sophomore studying journalism and chemistry/pre-medicine, describes Carr Van Anda as something that “lets you build your own sequence.”

Carr Van Anda is something you apply in the fall of your junior year. If your application is accepted you and your advisor decide which combination of classes to take.

Victoria also discussed about choosing her advisor, “Professor Stewart was a great choice for me because I felt that he really could understand my weird major and I had already knew him from my Journalism 101 class.”

Talking to Victoria  eased my concerns for the future of my college career and led me to do some research about Carr Van Anda. In doing some investigating I found this video:

It was great for me to talk to a current student in the Carr Van Anda program but watching the video and hearing a graduate’s stance on reassured me about my decision to go into the special sequence.

I think the Carr Van Anda sequence will really help me with what I want to do (whenever I actually find out what it is I want to do) and also become multifaceted for future jobs in the competing world of journalism.


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